Torsion Balance Supplies for Surface & Interfacial Tension Measurement. Torsion Balance Supplies has 100 years experience in the manufacture of Precision Balances.  We supply two models of direct reading balance for the measurement of mass and surface tension.
Torsion Balance Supplies

Surface Tension of Liquids

Our Model 'OS' Balance/Tensiometer is designed for determination of Surface and Interfacial Tension of liquids.
The nature of this precision instrument gives it distinct qualities:

Direct Reading No Calculations required
User Friendly Simplicity itself to operate, ready calibrated for instant use.
Mechanical No Power Required
Rugged In addition to use by Laboratories and Industry it is suitable for Student use and even as a portable instrument.

Model "OS"
Torsion Balance for Surface Tension Measurement
Surface & Interfacial Tension Measurement


0 - 0.12 n/m
(where 1 newton/metre = 1000 dynes/cm)

0 - 1 gram
(graduated in 2mg increments)



The instrument uses a 4cm circumference Platinum (DuNuoy) Ring and is supplied complete with a boxed set of accesories:

1 x Platinum Ring

Instruction Manual

2 x Extension Hook
3 x Dishes
Glass test plate (optional extra)

All 'OS' balances have calibration traceable to National Standards, making them ideal for use in Quality Control situations.
Calibration Certificates and updates are available as required.




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