Torsion Balance Supplies for Surface & Interfacial Tension Measurement. Torsion Balance Supplies has 100 years experience in the manufacture of Precision Balances.  We supply two models of direct reading balance for the measurement of mass and surface tension.
Torsion Balance Supplies

Micro Mass Measurement
Our Model 'O' Balances are the product of many years of experience in the design of low mass weighing.

Despite the micro masses involved, i.e. our smallest capacity model measures 0 - 0.005 grams, these instruments are rugged and require little or no maintenance - just reasonable care.

The nature of this precision instrument gives it distinct qualities:

Direct Reading No juggling with weights.
Apply specimen to hook or pan, adjust frontal lever for equilibrium and read result.
Rugged and Accurate Used in Laboratories and Industry the world over.
Cost Effective Compare prices and features for the range against alternative micro balances.
Mechanical No Power Required.

Model "O"
0 - 5
0 - 10 mg
0 - 50 mg
0 - 100 mg
0 - 500 mg
0 - 1000 mg
Scales 250 Degree Arc, 330mm long with 500 divisions
Torsion Balance
Micro Mass Measurement



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