Torsion Balance Supplies for Surface & Interfacial Tension Measurement. Torsion Balance Supplies has 100 years experience in the manufacture of Precision Balances.  We supply two models of direct reading balance for the measurement of mass and surface tension.
Torsion Balance Supplies

Company History

Over a Century of Technology

In 1885 James Pitkin started making thermometers and barometers in Clerkenwell, the centre of the clockmaking and instrument trade.

Before long he was making electrical instruments as well, and in 1911 White Electrical Instrument Co. was established as a separate organisation to cope with the electrical instrument business.

Torsion Balance Supplies is the final evolution in the manufacture of Torsion Balances, whilst White Electrical itself continues.

We continue to employ the skilled craftsmen necessary to provide the ultimate in precision instruments for our customers particular needs.



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